Founded in 1976, Texmate Inc. is a design and manufacturing firm specializing in modular, custom-developed digital meters and microPLCs with low lead times and unmatched versatility. With over forty years of operating experience and a constantly-evolving product line, Texmate Inc. offers hardware and software solutions to any application desired without costly research and development or excess manufacturing setup.

Designed and built to American, European and Japanese standards, Texmate's products include digital and analog panel meters, bargraphs, smart programmable meters, DIN international meters, DIN rail meters, temperature meters and controllers, process meters and controllers, pressure meters, preset counters, totalizers, linespeed and tachometers, switchboard meters, mini-meters, meter relays, power transducers and transmitters, and HMI remote displays. In addition, Texmate's Tiger meters provide IIoT Edge Computing and Fog Computing capabilities for monitoring and control.

Our core competencies include:
Modular Product Line: Our main product lines for our digital meters/ microPLCs are modular- with interchangeable input modules, output modules, relays, Ethernet output, data storage, scalable processing power, remote access means, and data logging options. Texmate’s products can be configured exactly as specified by customers with little to no overhead. Standardized cases mean that replacement or repair with new components can be executed in seconds.

Swift Manufacturing and Application: Texmate employs a full team of product engineers with a broad span of experience in various industries, allowing us to rapidly develop new meters or modify our existing meters to match customer requirements. As older manufacturers go out of business or cease to make certain products, we are able to create pin-for-pin matches with Texmate meters- eliminating costly redesigns, sourcing delays, and overhead spent on maintaining outdated components.

Legendary Reliability: Texmate’s meters are renowned for extreme longevity and reliability, so much that they are currently in use by UL and the Canadian CSA for product testing. Our products are extensively tested and used in extreme environments for extended duration applications without failure.

In-Depth Technical Knowledge and Documentation: Texmate’s staff has over forty years of industry experience in applying our solutions to your problems. All of our products have detailed wiring diagrams, programming instructions, tutorials, and application notes, and our staff are able to assist with developing new product lines.