UL UL certified and CE CE conformed certified. UL file number: E469078

All individual Tiger 320 Family controllers are covered in separate user manuals. Each manual provides a brief description of the meter's programmable functions and memory, hardware, and software options. They also describe how to configure the display for each input channel, calibrate a channel, and configure each input channel with a specific measurement task in easy to follow procedures. They also provide general data sheet information such as specifications, pinout details, and case size dimensions.

Programming Code Sheet

The programming code sheet provides a complete breakdown of the software code structure of the Tiger 320 Family controller and is a handy reference guide when reconfiguring the controller manually. The programming code sheet can be used for all Tiger 320 Family controllers, and again it is based on the DI-50 5-digit version.

  • 3.09b Tiger 320 Programming Code Sheet 3.09b

User Manual Supplements

User manual supplements are individual manuals that provide detailed reference information on one topic per supplement from the major functions that can be performed by the meter such as totalizing, linearization, data logging, and setpoints. They also describe, in individual supplements, the input and output hardware options available, as well as the software programming options. For consistency, each supplement is based on the DI-50, 5-digit version of the controller.

  • CA101 Tiger 320 Registers Supplement
  • NZ200 Analog Output Modules
  • NZ201 Set Points and Relays Supplement
  • NZ202 Serial Communications Supplement
  • NZ203 Calibration Supplement
  • - Calibrating Process signal inputs: see page 26 to 27.
    - Calibrating Temperature signals RTD and thermocouples: see page 28 to 35.
    - Calibrating Analog Output: see page 36 to 38.
  • NZ207 Linearizing Supplement
  • NZ208 Totalizing Supplement
  • NZ216 Texmate Ethernet Supplement
  • NZC212 Macro Programming Tutorial


Input Module Data Sheets

Data sheets are provided for most individual input modules that can be used with the range of Tiger 320 Family controllers. Each data sheet combines a detailed photograph with highlighted descriptions of the module's general features, detailed specifications, and a quick start guide of basic configuration procedures.

Application Examples

The application notes are loosely divided into topical categories and by alphabetical listing. They are individual, single-page application note diagrams that describe and show Tiger 320 Family controllers in a wide range of measurement, control, and automation applications.


Industrial Control Brochures

A set of color brochures that cover the entire range of measurement, control, and automation industries. Each brochure covers the general functions of the range of Tiger 320 Family programmable meter controllers and highlights the relevant topics of a specific industry.