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A powerful smart 4-20mA/0-10V process meter relay with Isolated 4-20 mA output retransmission capability for measurement and control applications. Built-in Programmable Scale Factor, No Input required to calibrate. 96x24mm, Meter Controller, Red or Optional Green or Super bright 4 Digit LED in a 1/16 DIN case

Product Information

Download BL-40PSF-PROCESS Full Manual (PDF).

equalizer Display Options

DR $0.00
DG $22.00
Green LED
DB $20.00
Super-bright Red LED

power_input Power Supply

PS1 $0.00
PS2 $40.00

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ID01 $53.00 DC-Volts, 2/20/200V/Custom w/24V DC Exc ($8 of IC shortage surcharge included)

ID05 $75.00 DC-Volts 2/20/200/Custom V DC w/Offset and 24V Exc. ($17 of IC shortage surcharge included)


IP01 $58.00 Process Loop, 4-20mA ($12 of IC shortage surcharge included)

IP02 $68.00 Process Loop, 4-20mA with 24VDC Exc ($10 of IC shortage surcharge included)

Custom Display Scaling

Qty Custom digital display scaling within standard ranges

Custom Legend on non-membrane type faceplate

Custom Meter Descriptor

Engineering Services

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Input Range Change

Qty Input Range Change from Standard Range shown in BOLD Type. Please specify range when ordering.

Output Custom Scaling

Qty Custom analog output range for digital meters and bargraphs

4" Switchboard Panel Mounting Adapter Plate

Cases and Case Accessories


Descriptor Adhesive

Metal Surround and Mounting Kit