Base Price $170.00

A Precision Autozeroing
High Input Impedance
Differential Panel Meter
with Switching AC/DC Power supply
3.5 (1999) Digit o.56" LED in a NEMA Style case
DCV measure. Standard input is 2V with optional 20V or 200V

Product Information

Download RP-35A Full Manual (PDF).

equalizer Display Options

RP-GREEN $22.00
Green LED Display

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Custom Display Scaling

Qty Custom digital display scaling within standard ranges

Custom Legend on non-membrane type faceplate

Custom Meter Descriptor

Engineering Services

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Input Range Change

Zero offset 50 K Pot.
200 VDC Range Change.
20 VDC Range Change.

Cases and Case Accessories

Descriptor Adhesive

Metal Surround and Mounting Kit