Texmate Transmitter Controller TL-Frequency


Base Price $299.00

Leopard Line Frequency Transmitter
The TL-Frequency includes an analog output in the base price. The 16-bit OIC and OIV modules provide outputs of 4-20mA current or 0-10V DC voltage and can be selected under "Analog Outputs".

Download Leopard Line Frequency Transmitters Flyer.

Product Information

power_input Power Supply

PS1 $0.00
PS2 $55.00

Choose Your Options ▲

Choose Your Options ▼

* One input module needs to be selected to complete the order.
* Factory pre-installed range is in bold type. For other standard ranges, select ZR under the Special Options tab.


IF05 (TL Series) $95.00 Universal Frequency / RPM (TL Series)

IF06 $133.00 Line Frequency, 60-600V AC UL

IF08 (45-55Hz) $119.00 Line Frequency, 45-55Hz (TL Series)

IF08 (55-60Hz) $119.00 Line Frequency, 55-60Hz (TL Series)

IF08 (55-65Hz) $119.00 Line Frequency, 55-65Hz (TL Series)

IF08 (Custom Range) $119.00 Line Frequency, Custom Range 0.00-9999Hz (TL Series)

Custom Faceplates and Labels for Meters

Artwork Data Recovery Fee (per serial number)
Add a customer's product code to the meter label.

Custom Legend on non-membrane type faceplate

Custom Meter Descriptor

Engineering Services


Output Custom Scaling

Qty Custom analog output range for digital meters and bargraphs

Small Run Custom Faceplates for Meters and Bargraphs

Produce and install custom faceplate per meter - 1 color
Produce and install custom faceplate per meter - 2 color
Produce and install custom faceplate per meter - 3 color
Produce and install custom faceplate per meter - 4 color
One time charge for custom faceplate design with an assigned serial number. (per serial number)

Descriptor Adhesive

Short Depth 96x48 Remote Displays